Rana Beri

Rana Beri

Rana Beri is an ICF accredited Master Certified Coach (MCC). She is a Transformation Coach helping individuals and groups to identify their values and create a life in line with those values.

Rana is frequently an invited speaker to talk on various topics, bringing them a Coaching perspective. In her talks, she poses coaching questions and facilitates the participants to find their answers as they stay in the Present Moment.

Rana speaks to different groups in Companies, Associations, Universities and NGOs.

Rana is a graduate of two Coaching Schools accredited by the ICF:
Gestalt Coaching Program, Gestalt Coaching School, 2011 and
The Art and Science of Coaching, Erickson College International 2012.

She firmly believes that coaching is a valuable tool to accompany people on their evolutionary path. Her coaching centers around the concept of being present with the client. For years, she has been studying the concepts of Time and Being in the Present Moment. She has been a meditator for many years and advocates the Mind-Body-Soul connection for more excellent balance and well-being in all areas of life.

Rana puts great emphasis on developing herself constantly as a coach. She has attended and continues to attend many workshops and seminars on topics like resilience, neuroscience, NLP, Voice Dialogue, and Limbic Coaching.

Rana Beri received her BA in Translation and Interpreting Studies at Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey. She then received her MPhil degree in Political Science at Strathclyde University, Glasgow. Prior to becoming a coach, she worked as a conference interpreter at international meetings and a lecturer at Bogazici University.

She is the author of two books:

Rana Beri

"Being in the Moment" (2018), in which she dwells upon the basics of the concept, explaining it with day-to-day examples to familiarize the reader to start living in a" presence-based" existence.

In her second book, "Being in the Moment in Relationships" (2020), each chapter consists of a fiction story. The rest of the chapter analyzes the story where the characters can not stay in the Moment.

Presently, Rana is working on her next book in the series. She hopes to dive further into the subject with the readers. Both her books are at the Moment in Turkish.

Her third book, "Living with the İntention of Being", ( 2023), opens the door to a new way of life of fulfilment , joy and peace.

When we structure our lives around the action of "doing," we start living with a "to- do" list we cannot let go of.

Everything all of a sudden becomes dependent on that list:

Our inner voice starts saying "Only when I do all these things, will I find comfort;
Only after accomplishing all these tasks will I find peace;

Only after completing these tasks, I will see the light of day...

As a result, not only does the list of things to do never end, but the peace we believe will come after completing each task and the happiness we anticipate never seem to arrive.

They quickly disappear after a fleeting moment, leaving us alone with the other tasks on the list.

The promises of life are not waiting for us in the distant future but rather within the "Now."
Only if we can stay in the "Now," if we can live with the intention of being", it can be possible to achieve enduring happiness and peace.

In her previous books, Rana Beri courageously delved into the depths of the concept of "Being in the Now." This time, she starts from the two fundamental actions of life, "doing" and "being." She explains that the secret to evolve from a person who lives "with the intention of doing" to a person who lives "with the intention of being" is living in the moment.

She invites the reader to live in the moment through a fresh look at concepts such as
values, decision- making, procrastination and expectations.

Through stories in each chapter, follwed by self- coaching questions, she reveals that living "with the intention of being", as opposed to doing is synonymous with being really alive, instead of merely surviving.

Rana Beri

There is no such thing as waste of time . Every moment belongs to its own place.

Former Education

  • 1989-1990

    Strathclyde University – MPhil in Political Science (Glasgow, UK

    Dissertation: Turkey-EU Relations

  • 1985-1989

    Boğaziçi University – BA in Translation  and Interpreting Studies (Istanbul, TR)

  • 1983-1984

    The Harley Private High School – Exchange Student (Rochester, New York, USA)    

  • 1978-1985

    American Collegiate Institute (Izmir, TR) 

Professional Experience

  • 2009

    Transformation Coach , PCC, Professional Certified Coach working with individuals, especially during times of transition such as changing carreers, relocation, change of life arrangements.

  • 1991-2017

    Lecturer, Boğaziçi University Department of Translation and Interpreting  

  • 1991-2011

    Conference Interpreter at Enterkon A.Ş.

    Interpreting for individuals, companies, state officials internationally.

Coaching Schools

  • 2011-2012

    The Art and Science of Coaching, Erickson College International (Istanbul, TR)

  • 2010-2011

    Gestalt Coaching Program, Gestalt Coaching School (Istanbul, TR)

ICF (International Coach Federation) Accreditation

  • 2022

    MCC, Master Certified Coach

  • 2015

    PCC, Professional Ceritified Coach

  • 2012

    ACC, Associate Certified Coach

Coaching Trainings

  • 2022

    Transformational Traing of the Trainer, Erickson College International

  • 2022

    Deeper Coaching by Means of Sufism,Social Sciences Research Center

  • 2022

    Evolutionary Coaching, Denge Merkezi

  • 2021

    Coaching Game, L2, Points of You

  • 2021

    Coaching Game, L1, Points of You

  • 2017

    “Limbic Coaching-Advanced” by Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching

  • 2016

    “Limbic Coaching” by Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching

  • 2016

    “Advance of the Spirit” by Erickson College International

  • 2015

    “Transactional Analysis” by Pusula Danışmanlık

  • 2014

    NLP Business Practitioner” by Anders Pipers, NLP Society

  • 2013

    “Coaching for Success” by Academy for Coaching Excellence

  • 2013

    Voice Dialogue – Relationships” by Robert Stamboliev, Institute for

    Transformational Psychology (ITP) 

  • 2013

    “Voice Dialogue- Basics” by Robert Stamboliev, Institute for Transformational 

    Psychology (ITP)

  • 2013

    “Primordial Sound Meditation” by The Chopra Institute

  • 2013

     “The Work” Seminare by Byron Katie

  • 2012

    NLP Practitioner” by Erickson College International

  • 2008

    “International Quantum Coaching Practitioner” by The Center for Quantum-Integral 


  • 2007

    “Theta Healing Advanced DNA” by Dr. Sangeeta Sahi

  • 2007

    Theta Healing Basic DNA” by Dr. Sangeeta Sahi

  • 2006

    “Transformational Breath Level 1,2,3,4” by  Dr. Judith Kravitz, Transformational Breath 


Motivational Speaker Experience (Invited Talks and Workshops)

  • 2016

    “Keeping Our Spirits High in Times of Anxiety”, New Year Meeting, Turkish Conference 

    Interpreters Association

  • 2016

    “Half a Step Ahead in Life”, Graduation Speech, Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, Boğaziçi University

  • 2014

    “Looking Into the Future at the End of 20 Years”, A Series of ten workshops for

    Enterkon A.Ş. Interpreting Company 

  • 2014

    “Power of Silence”, Young Guru Leadership Academy

  • 2014

    Being Genuine in Life”, Graduation Speech, Boğaziçi University

  • 2014

    Choosing Our Profession in Line With Our Values” Pre Graduation Speech, the Izmir University of Economics

  • 2013

    “How Does One Liberate Oneself by Asking Four Questions – Examples From Byron Katie” at Insparkus Group

  • 2013

    “How Can We Fire Our Creativity? – Creativity Workshop Before the Hair-İst 2013 Hair Styling Competition” at MKM Cultural Center

  • 2013

    “Deep and Simple: Five Questions For Deep and Effective Coaching” at Erickson 

    Coaches Meeting

  • 2013

    “A New Life With a New Perspective” at Naturel Body, Mind and Spirit 


  • 2012

    “Deep and Simple: Five Questions For Deep and Effective Coaching” at ICF Turkey

  • 2012

    “Coaching While Styling” at Turkish Association of Artistic Hairdesigners

  • 2012

    “How Do We Benefit From Coaching to Improve Our Relationships” at Bebek Aşiyan

Contributing Author

  • 2016

    Marie Claire Magazine Wedding Magazine Winter 2016 Issue

  • 2015

    Cosmopolitan Magazine Summer 2015 Issue

  • 2014

    Trendera Digital Magazine 

Trainings Conducted by Rana Beri

  • 2022

    Being in the Moment: The Key to Actual Productivity (Awarded CCEUs by the ICF)

Rana Beri